"Our son passed away this last year and it was a very difficult time for us because we loved him very much.  Upon his passing we wanted to have a graveside service that was special and fitting for the royal young man that he was.  We really felt that using the Bridge system really brought that royalty, that red carpet treatment.  It was such a beautiful setting and just a beautiful gift that I’m sure he would appreciate.  We appreciate being able to have that option, it is not something that I’ve ever seen before at any graveside or funeral service.  It was really a blessed opportunity to have the bridge and help us feel like we were giving more".  

     "The passing of our son was a hard time for us.  When we arrived at the graveside, everything was already set up and it was beautiful.  It was a great tribute to him.  Because of it being a graveside service we were the last ones to leave.  I watched Nelson take it down.  One person was able to take it down in 20-25 minutes and have it all loaded on a trailer.  Because of my background I was impressed with the mechanics and the ease of operation for one person to do that.  I don’t know what it took to set it up because it was set up when we got there.  But the take-down was pretty easy.  Again, that was a great tribute to our son to have the Bridge there."

     "Having served as a minister for many years of my life I have had the opportunity and privilege to conduct many last rites services or funerals for a variety of people.  One of the things that always bothered me and seemed to bother most of the people attending the services was the way that the casket sat over the grave with the old familiar green carpet underneath.  And the feeling that came over you that when the service was over the casket was going into the ground and that was the end of it. And that’s the feeling that most people left the service with. 
     I went to the funeral of my grandson, which was very difficult.  I went in a wheel chair.  I wheeled up to the graveside and the first thing that caught my eye was this beautiful rich thing that I have never seen before at a funeral.  Where the casket was and going up both sides of the casket was a beautiful white railing going along there and I thought, how different this is.  The casket is set and what was underneath it didn’t seem to matter.  I did notice later as I sat and listened to the service I kept my eyes on the beautiful site that was so different from anything that I have ever seen.  I realized that it was bringing a feeling of peace and tranquility to me that I have never experienced before at a funeral service.  

     The thought came to my mind that he really is going to a better place.  A place that will be more beautiful and peaceful and serene than it is here.  This is important to me because this left me with a peaceful feeling rather than one of sorrow.  It was a feeling of elation that there was a better place.  I couldn’t help but think that others who attended and saw this had the same feelings that I did, ones of happiness and joy rather than sadness.  To me this was the most important thing."
     "I am an eighty-eight year old great grandmother and I have experienced many of my loved ones pass away throughout the years.  

     Although I haven’t had any physical trauma that others have at a gravesite, I do know of those who have due to uneven ground and insecure footing.  Due to this, I have knowingly been conscious of the possibility that it could happen to me, like a fall or a sprained ankle. 

     Recently we lost our loved grandson.  Nelson had installed his safety path called The Bridge.  It looked and felt sturdy+- therefore, I had no thoughts as to my safety when viewing the gravesite.  Safety is always a prime concern to me, especially in my advancing years.

     Although I love the safety feature, The Bridge is attractive and the last memorial feature that I will remember."