Business Plan

1- Presentation -- We have prepared a presentation that our Officers, Veterans and Public Service men and women volunteers will use to explain our desire to provide for NO CHARGE the services of "The Bridge Memorial", enhancing the SAFETY, HONOR and DIGNITY of the funeral service. 

2- Cemeteries -- We will begin with the cemeteries, where we will setup and remove "The Bridge Memorial" at NO CHARGE and without any additional costs to them. We first go to the cemeteries in the Las Vegas area to seek permission from them to use "The Bridge Memorial" and its features, showing them the 18 different ways it can be easily set it up, overcoming the physical obstacles that may be encountered, emphasizing the safety components that will minimize safety hazards in all types of weather conditions.

3- Funeral Homes -- We will next approach the Funeral Homes informing them of our service and ask if they are interested in participating with us in our endeavor of providing this service.

4- Organizations -- We then will contact the different veterans organizations, public service groups (police, fireman, sheriff, highway patrol and others) letting them know that the service of "The Bridge Memorial" is available to be used at their comrades funerals at NO Charge. They can financially contribute to help cover the costs they can through The Bridge Memorial Corporation, a nonprofit corporation.

5- Businesses -- We will then approach businesses, explain to them our activities and solicit funds. 

6- Employment -- We will include in our presentations that "The Bridge Memorial" is made by veterans and family members and those who may have physical and mental handicaps as much as possible. We will train them in as many aspects of our business as possible, not only giving them training we will provide valuable experience and assist them in securing meaningful employment.
7- Business Opportunities -- "The Bridge Memorial" will be marketed through dealerships where at least 4 units will need to be purchased. We suggest they charge $500 for each funeral when used. We will assist veterans in obtaining the education and financially subsidize the purchase of a dealership, where they will have a self-reliant business, and encourage them to hire other veterans. In the future we want to train veterans in all aspects of our business including manufacturing using donations for funding. This will prepare veterans to enter into the workforce with training and experience. We want to partner with other companies to manufacture products for the handicap.