About Us

NCS Innovations, LLC was created in 2015 to sell products manufactured by Pillars Etc and other companies.  The primary source of the products are from Pillars Etc which was established in 1997. Pillars Etc  manufactures pillars, balusters, crown moldings, window trims, wedding sets, show props and many other products made of styrofoam and then coated with a durable weather resistant polyurethane.

     The concept of The Bridge began in September of 2011. A friend of mine was making cabinets for a local funeral home was he was asked to consider making a background setting to place behind the casket in churches. As we discussed different options it occurred to me to place baluster railings around the gravesite to control the crowds of people and enhance the environment creating a more peaceful and serene atmosphere.  I discussed this idea the following Christmas with my brother-in-law who is a mortician; he emphasized the safety hazards of the boards that align the grave where the pallbearers walk.  He shared his perspective of the hazards and experiences where people have been injured. 

In the picture above, I am the pallbearer at the left front of the casket, I was very nervous stepping onto the boards being careful not to pull the casket and the other pallbearers in to the hole with me.  I personally experienced some of the hazards that exist at the gravesite.
Over the past four years I have studied, examined and consulted with those in the industry.  I have created a product that provides a very safe and beautiful environment for the occasion.

                                                               -- Nelson Skinner